Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks FOR DUMMIES

All you need to manage your (clients) Social Media Accounts:

Advertising, Analytics, Sales Funnels, and so on


The Tips & Tricks library (as like we call them TETs) is a collection of digital marketing strategy templates and documents. You can use the step-by-step instructions to grow any website or setup analytical tags or integrate social media pixels to your web.

What we wanted are extremely detailed instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy.

That’s why Tips & Tricks FOR DUMMIES is the best way to express our easy-to-use instructions and, moreover, applicable for any person, without knowledge of:

  • social media business settings
  • adding pixels to a website to track Leads
  • creating a Facebook Ads account
  • structuring a Facebook Ads account
  • configuring Facebook Ads Conversions
  • planning Ads Campaigns
  • running A/B test on a website
  • mapping a sales Funnel
  • conversion tracking on Pinterest or Twitter
  • and so on…

You need to invite a person or agency to your Facebook Ad Account for advertising? Use the TET that explains HOW TO. And so much more handy made-simple examples with how tos and skills.

Do not get stuck any more in Facebook manager for business, or in Google Ads and Tag Manager.

Just follow the TETs and you will experience no more worries or angry moments!

In this special Start-Up Promotion, we also include these Must-Have eBooks to succeed in your Social Media Marketing Career

  • Ebook 1: 10 TACTICS: To improve your Facebook Business Page
  • Ebook 2: 15 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: To elevate your Marketing Strategy
  • Ebook 3: INSTAGRAM STATISTICS:  All you need to know for 2022
  • Ebook 4: FACEBOOK USAGE STATISTICS: A Must-Have for every Marketer
  • Ebook 5: FACEBOOK POST:  How to boost your Facebook Post
  • Ebook 6: FACEBOOK STRATEGY: How to create a Facebook strategy to target global audiences
  • Ebook 7: PROMOTE YOUR BLOG: How to promote your blog on social media
  • Ebook 8: 400+SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS: Social media statistics you must know in 2022
  • Ebook 9: KILLER CTAs: 9 call to action examples
  • Ebook 10: FACEBOOK BOOST POST: When and how to use it

         And Our Free Academic Series:

  • Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to get started with Pinterest Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Guide: Your guide to reach potential customers
  • Facebook Marketing Guide: 50% increase in growth & sales