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Email marketing is sending emails to customers or (hopefully) soon-to-be customers. When done correctly, it can create strong brand relationships. Consumers feel connected to companies that execute their email marketing strategies well because email allows for a targeted approach.

We are proud to be an ActiveCampaign Agent and want to give you the best results available, and email marketing is a MUST-HAVE when you spent money on paid advertising. Many Leads (possible clients) as up to 85-90%, will click the CTA (Call To Action) buttons, visit your website or even book a meeting with you. Still, they are not decided to take the final step to buy your product or service. Email marketing automation handles what no one else has time for. Online-Ads´ Automated Email marketing gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

A CRM tool is a Customer Relationship Management tool. A sales CRM with automation stops tasks from piling up on your desk. Automate lead prioritization and contact management, so you have time to sell. “Keep track of leads in a CRM, not in your head”

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. When you can automate contact management, score leads, monitor deals and pipeline, and track tasks, the time sinks disappear. A sales automation CRM keeps your entire sales process moving smoothly.

No, we do not charge start-up fees.

1st. Build an Email List.

Email marketing centres around your subscriber list. Without a list, there’s nowhere to send your campaigns. Maybe more importantly, if the wrong people are on your list, anything you do send will be ineffective. 

Building an email list takes some time, but you can do things to speed up the process. Later, we’ll dig into growth tools like lead magnets and opt-in forms to help your list grow faster. 

For now, just know that having the list and getting the right people on the list is crucial. 

2nd. Pick an Email Service Provider.

Once you have your list started, you’ll need an email service provider (ESP). Great ESP’s offer tools and templates that allow you to break your list up by market segmentation and analyse critical stats. 

Looking at your open rates, click-through rates, and other core metrics will help you optimize your email marketing strategy, so your brand continues to grow. 

There are several ESP out there, and they all have slightly different offerings. To make it simple for you, here’s how ActiveCampaign compares. That way, you can decide which one is best for your company’s goals and needs. 

Online-ads Team Experts will arrange the complete setups and hey, we already checked the best providers… that’s why we choose to integrate ActiveCampaign tools for our and your email marketing goals.


And 3rd. Automate and Analyse.

Once you have your list, it comes down to automation and analysis. 

Your ESP will let you set up autoresponders, which are vital in moving potential customers through your marketing funnel. Essentially, they translate to more profit for less work, but we’ll give them a closer look towards the end of the guide. 

By analysing stats and metrics provided by your ESP, you can tweak your email marketing strategy more effectively. We’ll go over tools like A/B testing to help you optimize customer engagement a little later.

Alright, you’ve created your email list, you’ve grown it to massive heights, and you’ve optimized your emails to increase open and click-through rates. Now it’s time to consider automation. 

Marketing automation will increase conversions and build brand loyalty. It might be your most powerful email marketing tool. Best of all, once you have it set up, it does the work for you.


An autoresponder is a series of emails triggered by a customer’s specific action. If a subscriber leaves something in their cart without checking out, for example, you could set up an autoresponder to follow up. 

It might send an email with a subject line like, “Hey, did you forget something?” and then redirect back to the customer’s cart. 

To use an autoresponder, you’ll need to pick a goal first. In the example above, the goal is to minimize cart abandonment. 

You also could use an autoresponder for new subscribers to welcome them to your website or community. Maybe it provides a list of your most popular content or simply includes a link to download the lead magnet you promised. 

Autoresponders are also perfect for encouraging repeat customers. You can set one so that an email sends a few days, weeks, or months after an initial product purchase. The email might feature a refill at a discounted price or advertise a product accessory the customer might want.

Create an Email Sequence Map

Once you have an autoresponder goal in mind, you need to create an email sequence map. A sequence map is simply a way for you to lay out what emails your customers will receive when. 

You’ll have to consider how long you want your sequence to be and how many emails you want to include. In general, you shouldn’t send an email more than once every two days for educational purposes, but there are exceptions. 

For example, during a major sale, it might be appropriate to send three emails in one day, advertising continued price reductions or changing inventory. 

You should, however, always send more value emails than sales or transactional emails. Value emails provide some sort of value to your customer: maybe a reward, a free tool, or piece of insightful advice. As a guideline, 80% of your emails should add value; 20% can drive sales directly.

Write an Autoresponder that Converts

With an email sequence outlined, you’re ready to write out your autoresponder. This is where seductive sales-based writing is crucial. You may even want to hire a professional rather than attempt the copy yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can help you in this area.

If you do decide to give your writing skills a whirl, keep the following in mind: 

  • The writing isn’t about you; it’s about your reader. It’s about your customer and what value you can bring them. Keeping that front of mind will improve your marketing copy. 
  • Personalize the emails with more than a name and subject line. Use jargon that the customer segment is familiar with, and cater your website’s features towards the benefits they’re seeking. 
  • Make sure your subject line is strong. Otherwise, your customers are never opening the email. The subject line may only be a few words, but it can easily take up 80% of your time to develop.

Measure Results and Adjust

Finally, monitor and evaluate your autoresponder emails regularly. You can use A/B tests to adjust them and improve engagement rates. 

The key metrics you should be watching, are: 

  • Click-ThroughRate
  • Open-Rate
  • Unsubscribe Rates

If your open rates aren’t where you want them to be, focus on your subject lines and timing. Furthermore, make sure the customer segment you’re emailing will find the content you’re sending relevant. 

When you see subscribers are opening your emails but not taking any action by clicking through to your site, look at your email’s copy. Make sure it’s relevant to your subject line and offers value to the reader. 

Lastly, if you see your unsubscribe rate increase, look back at your original goals. Are you delivering what you promised when your customers subscribed? 

Unsubscribes are a given, and you shouldn’t take it personally. You want your list to be full of engaged customers who want to hear from you. If the unsubscribe rate is substantial, you may need to do some digging to ensure what you promise is what you’re delivering.

Whether you own a small business or work for a larger company, using targeted emails is a cost-effective way to improve your conversion rate. Email marketing will help you build a long-term relationship with your customers that translates to better bottom lines. 

You can use email for advertising a new product or promote epic pricing in your online store. More importantly, you can connect directly to your email subscribers. With personalized and valuable information, your customers will become more than one-time buyers; they’ll become brand loyalists.

We listed the basic steps to email marketing, but that probably leaves you with more questions than answers. So let’s start at the top. Your email list is everything when it comes to email marketing, which means you need to know how to grow one. 

Companies will often place a simple opt-in form on their website’s sidebar and consider that enough. It’s not. 

To effectively grow an email list, you must offer an incentive. 

1. Lead Magnets:

A lead magnet is an incentive. It’s some sort of offer, typically in the form of a discount, free sample, or digital content that entices potential customers to leave their email address behind. 

Some examples of a lead magnet include: 

  • E-Books
  • Webinars
  • DiscountorCoupon
  • Self-Assessment Quiz
  • Free ConsultationorQuote 
  • Checklist 
  • Cheat Sheet or How-To Guide 
  • Access to Exclusive Online Community 

Whatever you choose, it has to be relevant to your business and something your customers want. You might think your grandma’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies is enticing (and it is), but if you’re selling swimsuits, it might not be the best lead magnet. 

The best lead magnets include the following three elements:

Instant Availability

A lead magnet should be something that lands in the customer’s email inbox. If you have to ship it separately, it won’t have the same effect and probably requires the customer to leave too much personal information. We’re looking for emails, not physical addresses. 

Quick to Consume

Quick to consume means that your lead magnet is short and easy to digest. If it’s a recipe book, keep it short with five or ten of your top offerings. If it’s a how-to guide, make sure it’s not too lengthy. 

Customers who like what they receive can always purchase more in-depth tools and books via your online store. Think of your lead magnet as a useful preview of what you have to offer. 

Relevant, Useful, and Applicable

If it’s quick to consume and the information within it is applicable, your customers will use it to solve their problems. If it works, they’ll fall in love with your brand. They become more than customers. At that point, they’re loyal fans. 

You gave them something they could use and may have even needed in return for a simple email address. So, subscribers are much more likely to click “open” the next time they see your brand is the sender. They can trust that whatever you’re offering is relevant and useful.

2. Optimize Opt-In Forms:

New subscribers respond to lead magnets, but only if you present the lead magnet in an engaging way. Having an attention-grabbing opt-in form is vital to capture potential customers. 

Opt-in forms should highlight your lead magnet’s benefits. What is the potential subscriber getting out of signing up?

Narrow the benefit down to a simple statement or even a few words, something like: “Free Checklist to Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy” or “10% Off When You Subscribe”.

Next, make sure your opt-in form has all the following: 

Attention-Grabbing Visuals

Humans can extract the meaning of an image in about 13 milliseconds, far faster than they can read text. So if you can provide a picture of your lead magnet, do it! 

Whether that’s the cover shot of your free e-book or a bright-coloured representative graphic, having an attractive photo will help boost conversions. 

If you don’t have a picture of your lead magnet, try using a photo of someone reading the opt-in form. Including a human face is always more engaging than showing a static object. 

Skimmable Details

No one spends long looking at an opt-in form. The second it appears on their screen, your potential customers are probably searching for a way to close it or look around it. But that won’t be the case if it gets its point across quickly. 

Visuals are essential for providing meaning at a glance, but bullet-point details can be useful as well. Keep things brief and clear by avoiding full sentences and using action verbs that highlight your lead magnet’s benefits. 

Compelling Call to Action

The subscribe button is the most important part of the opt-in form. You need it to stand out and be quick to find. Use a contrasting colour on the button itself and a simple word or call to action like “Subscribe” or “Give Me My Discount.”

Don’t ask for more customer information than you require. Asking for a first name and email is about the limit. If you ask for last names, birthdays, or other information, your website’s visitors may lose interest and not finish giving you their information.

They’ll probably leave your site without subscribing.

  1. Opt-In Form Placement:

Once you have an opt-in form, there are several places you can put it on your website to maximize conversions. You most likely shouldn’t use all of these at once, but picking out a few strategic spots will help you grow your email list. 

Ideal placementsinclude:

  • Blog Header
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Archive Pages
  • Sidebar
  • Within Blog Posts 
  • Timed Pop-ups
  • Scroll Boxes
  • Footer
  • AboutUs Page

Some of the most effective opt-in forms show up as timed pop-ups. Website users will get annoyed if you overuse this tactic, but a well-timed pop-up can work wonders. 

Getting a visitor to subscribe to your email list is easier if you’ve already engaged them with your site’s content. Timed pop-ups allow users to engage first and only encourage signups once the user has shown interest in browsing your site for a set period of time.

Remember, the key to good email marketing is having a list full of people who want to be on it. Having a signup form ensures that you won’t end up spamming people. Not using too many pop-ups for your opt-in form is also better than going overboard. 

4 Email Marketing Best Practices

As you dive deeper into email marketing, here are four tips that the top ActiveCampaign customers use to get the most from their emails.

Avoiding Spam Filters

If your emails are ending up in the spam folder, your customers aren’t seeing them. There are a few things you can do to help avoid this fate. 

First, ensure that everyone on your list opted to be on your list. If they would rather not be on it, you are spamming them. That’s not only a bad business practice, but it’s also potentially illegal

Assuming that’s not the case, you also want to make sure you’re sending from a good IP address. If the IP address has been flagged for spamming in the past, email servers will flag it again. 

When picking an email template from your ESP, make sure you keep the coding clean and personalize the “To” field with merge tags if you can. A vague “To: Valued Subscribers” could cause the email to go to the spam box. 

You want to ensure your email includes your company or brand location and makes it easy to unsubscribe. The ESP will take care of this part for you, but it’s good to be aware of the process they require. 

Lastly, educate your audience on how to add your company or brand to their address book. That’s the surest way to avoid the spam filter. If your customers are engaged and looking for your emails, they’ll have no issue taking this extra step.

Eye-Catching Subject Lines

We touched on subject lines earlier under A/B testing, but we didn’t delve into what makes a subject line great. Just like the first line of a book or film, a subject line needs to create intrigue. 

It should have your customer’s asking a question right from the start. Their curiosity will lead them to open your email and hopefully click-through to your website. 

However, there’s a warning to creating curiosity. You can’t be so vague that you leave your customer frustrated. It’s a delicate balance between giving them a little but not too much. A/B testing is very helpful in figuring the balance out. 

In general, subject lines that feature a conversational tone do best. Write as if you’re talking to a friend. And, if you can, try to include numbers. It will make your subject line stand out in a cluttered inbox. 

Need help writing an email subject line? Try this free email subject line generator.


Part of effective writing involves knowing your audience. It’s tempting to think of thousands of people reading your email newsletters, but remember, those thousands aren’t sitting in a room together. Each one is by themselves in front of a screen. 

So really, your audience is one individual at a time. Write as if you’re talking to one person because you are. 

You can personalize using your email marketing tool’s merge tags. With them, you can insert details like the customer’s first name, which helps it seem like you’re speaking solely to them, even when it’s an email for a large customer segment.

OptimizeforPhones and Tablets

Many of us check our emails multiple times a day, but not necessarily on a desktop. More often than not, we’re messaging on our mobile devices. So, you need to optimize your marketing emails for mobile viewing if you’re going to maximize open and click-through rates. 

To do this:

  1. Use fast-loading media. Don’t bog down your emails with giant photos or graphics, which could limit deliverability.
  2. Don’t rely on pictures to be displayed. Android, for example, removes email images by default for faster loading. 
  3. Make sure any call-to-action buttons are large and away from any other links. Think of someone navigating your email with a thumb on their phone screen. Two links close together can lead a customer to the wrong place.

Social Media Q&A

Social media are interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Although the terms e-marketing and digital marketing are still dominant in academia, social media marketing is becoming more popular for both practitioners and researchers

The use of social media has become a necessary daily activity. Social media is typically used for social interaction and access to news and information, and decision making. It is a valuable communication tool with others locally and worldwide, as well as to share, create, and spread information.

It is quite simple: Organic social content is posted for free, when Paid social content isshared with costs behind it to help you reach a larger audience. Organic social posts will show up on the Feeds of people that already follow you.

Organic posts help you build a social presence and open doors for interacting with potential and existing customers. This is where you will focus on increasing engagement, brand sentiment and customer satisfaction, as well as strengthening established relationships.

However, Paid social, is more ideal for brand awareness, reaching new audiences, driving conversions, and boosting sales. These are the social ads you often see promote new brands, products, deals and events.

Both contribute to the customer journey in their own unique ways—and all the above objectives are part of any good social strategy—so ignoring either would be a mistake.

In case having a low budget, you can start Organic and focus on the posts with the           highest engagements to re-use them on paid advertising. Social-Dashboard is a amazing tool to help you setting up organic posts, schedule them in advance up till 3 months (we recommend max 1 month) and then, analyse which post works the best to apply on Paid Advertising. This will be more cost effective, especially when starting on a lower marketing budget.


It is if you do not how to use the right tools and don´t understand the analytics.

Today, you can no longer rely on one advertising platform for your entire marketing strategy. To build an Online Booming Business, we apply a good omnichannel strategy, by using multiple advertising platforms in your advantage.

Choose a suitable staff member or, outsource it to online-ads, to manage your social media channels. Ideally, it would be someone with good knowledge of the English language and a    friendly and engaging style. They will need to handle the Customer Journey effectively and any comments or complaints your company might receive. You can use a social media management tool like Social-Dashboard to monitor all your social media activity and help you create and schedule posts for your preferred publishing time. With Social-Dashboard, you can even set up your account to post at the times when your target audience is most active. 

The best way is to tag your website, put the pixels of the social media platforms to track your visitors for conversion tracking. If you want to get more information how to do this, visit our Tips & Tricks FOR DUMMIES to easily setup all the accounts, google analytics, facebook and Linkedin Pixels and much more.


Planting Trees Q&A

For each €100 we collect, we Will plant a tree with the Eden Reforestation Project foundation.

Because they work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

Because they are working every day in some of the world’s most remote and politically unstable places, they overcome challenges with grit, relentlessness, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to their mission to plant trees and save lives.

Today, they operate in ten project nations, plant nearly a million trees per day, and maintain planting levels even when faced with civic unrest, extreme weather, wild animals, or other disruptions. As they restore the forest canopy, leaf litter, water, and wildlife return, and nature begins to heal. Meanwhile, communities that are facing extreme poverty are given new opportunities for economic self-sufficiency, improved health, and education.

Yes, you can! Follow the next link to go straight to Eden’s donation page.

Social Media Paid Advertising Q&A

We cover paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads and TikTok.

Simply scroll the bar to the monthly budget you can spend, shown at the right sight          of the bar.

            The top amounts are the budgets used on the social platforms; the bottom amounts         are our service fees.

Choose your budget, hit the start now button, and you will go to the checkout page.

Once payment is accepted, you will be emailed to book a videocall meeting. Furthermore, a form with questions will be sent to know more about your business and other details. Anyway, the videocall is the first introduction between you and an Online-Ads expert.

The period of advertising will start 10 days after the 1st payment. As we need inside info from you and other details.

No, we do not charge start-up fees.

No problem at all. You will get free access to our Tips & Tricks files FOR DUMMIES, where you can easily create or prepare whatever is needed. And, if that is out of your range, don’t worry at all! We will help you

We are proud to be an ActiveCampaign Agent and that’s why we can offer the best email marketing. Many agencies do not offer this or charge you extra. We want to give you the best results available, and email marketing is a MUST-HAVE when you spent money on paid advertising. Many Leads (possible clients) as up to 85-90%, will click the CTA (Call To Action) buttons, visit your website or even book a meeting with you. Still, they are not decided to take the final step to buy your product or service. Email marketing automation handles what no one else has time for. Online-Ads´ Automated Email marketing gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

A CRM tool is a Customer Relationship Management tool. A sales CRM with automation stops tasks from piling up on your desk. Automate lead prioritization and contact management, so you have time to sell. “Keep track of leads in a CRM, not in your head”

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. When you can automate contact management, score leads, monitor deals and pipeline, and track tasks, the time sinks disappear. A sales automation CRM keeps your entire sales process moving smoothly.

No problem at all, Online-ads is created to help all SMBs. This means if you start with a lower budget, you still can be a gamer on the social media. You can check out our social-dashboard tool starting from €99/month and for only €199/month we help you out with your social media accounts. One small step to go social and engage like a professional with your audience!

Tip & Tricks Q&A

The Tips & Tricks library (as like we call them TETs) is a collection of digital marketing strategy templates and documents. You can use the step-by-step instructions to grow any website or setup analytical tags or integrate social media pixels to your web.

You need to invite a person or agency to your Facebook Ad Account for advertising? Use the TET that explains HOW TO. And so much more handy made-simple examples with how tos and skills.

Do not get stuck any more in Facebook manager for business, or in Google Ads and Tag Manager.

Just follow the TETs and you will experience no more worries or angry moments!

In 1991, Gookin was at a computer book publishing conference when he met Mac McCarthy, an editor from IDG, a technical publisher. McCarthy told Gookin about an idea he had based on his uncle’s suggestion that someone write a simple guide on computers, something like “DOS for dummies”.

Well, what we created are extremely detailed instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy. That’s why Tips & Tricks FOR DUMMIES was the best way to express the easy-to-use factor for any person without knowledge of social media business settings.

It covers how to install or manage Analytics, Content, Funnels, Operations, Paid Advertising and SEO for your social media platforms: Like Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads and Analytics, websites builders as WordPress and Shopify, and much more.

All you need for your day-to-day operations. From small tasks that take a few minutes, to complex processes that have dozens of steps.

For example:

  • You want to hire a VA to run a link building campaign for your new blog?

There’s a TET for that.

  • Need to implement events to track button clicks on your site?

There’s a TET for that.

  • Wondering how to launch A/B test on your sales pages?

There’s a TET for that.

Yes! You only pay €29 to get full life access to the +50 files and every month we integrate new tips and tricks there we think are most needed or even on request of our members.

Yes, you can! And the best part is we have them stored in a Google Drive map, so you can easily copy and past to your Google Drive, change headings or branding for your clients or staff members. Isn’t that cool?

Sure they are!

Easily perform complex marketing tasks or delegate them
Just use the TETs yourself, or hand them over to freelancers or virtual assistants. No technical knowledge required.
If you can read and use a computer, you will be able to successfully complete the task with 99% accuracy.

Offer high-valued services to your clients
Follow our proven processes to add new service offerings and close larger deals with all-inclusive package services.

Radically reduce time to train yourself or new employees
Use TETs to get yourself or new employees up-to-date in record time. You will go from 0 to tracking billable hours faster than ever.

Build repeatable systems that make money on autopilot
Customize TETs to suit your agency’s needs and leverage them to build systems to grow your agency without exchanging your time for money.

Increase client retentions
Impress them by including TETs in your branding, and take all the credit for them!

Save time and money
Don’t spend time and resources figuring out technical details or spending thousands of Euros on courses. Combine your strategy with our TETs to launch your campaigns and get results in record time.

Good question
The subscription gives you access to our Facebook community. There you can interact with other entrepreneurs like you, with our support team, or other marketeers. 

We will give a 3 weekly life webinars where we solve questions, show how tos and many more nice stuff.

You will get access to mini courses we will be adding at bottom prices for members.

And of course exclusive VIP treatments for any problem you have regarding Social media platforms, advertising or analytical matters.

So, actually, the subscription quote of €9.90 is more symbolic, it covers the efforts of our support team to solve your issues FAST and with a smile. It ensures you will be in a friendly family environment: understood, beloved and treated as a friend. 

Some of us are Nerds, others are digital Nomads, or business owners, entrepreneurs, newbies in the social media. It doesn’t matter! What matters is we are here to help each other with ideas, input and sharing results. Be part of the TET family!

When you have purchased The Tips & Tricks Library (as like we call them TETs), you automatically receive a lifetime white-label permission with your purchase. This means you can use our product, remove our branding adding yours, and even share it with your clients. We did all the work, you just enjoy the benefits.
Here’s how the Tips & Tricks Library works.

You’re allowed to:

– Use your TETs for yourself or with your private 1-on-1 clients.
– Modify TETs, change our logo for yours, and alter anything else you need to change.
– There is a TET you would love to have but is not in the Library? Request it in our Facebook community and if it makes sense for the community, we will design it.
Here’s what’s forbidden. You’re not granted to:
– Sell Online-Ads Tips & Tricks documents.
– Make Online-Ads Tips & Tricks documents public on your site as content or as a downloadable file.
– Offer Online-Ads Tips & Tricks documents to a large paid or unpaid private group (email lists, Facebook, Slack, online courses)
– Make a giveaway of Online-Ads Tips & Tricks documents to leads, prospects or non-paying clients
– Make small modifications to Online-Ads Tips & Tricks documents and then sell them as your own branded for anyone who is not a private client.

You will need a Google Drive account, which is free to set up. And then follow this TET.

Any questions?

Any more question: email to support@online-ads.online
Do not forget to subscribe to our Facebook Community to get VIP privileges like 1 free e-book every week, support on social media issues, sharing with other members some success stories and so much more.

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