The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool


Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool



These days, social media marketing is incredibly important. After all, most young people spend significant amounts of time on social media networks. To make our social media marketing more effective, it is necessary to try to find any tool that can help us streamline and optimize our postings.

Social media automation tools sound like they can be of extreme help to us, but what exactly can they automate? Will using these tools in some way harm our engagement, authenticity, or potentially restrict our social media accounts? While most tools won’t restrict our accounts when used properly, responsibility is always important. Let’s look at ways we can use these tools to our best advantage.

What are Automation Tools in Social Media?

Any tool that allows you to bypass direct interaction on a social media platform and automatically perform a task for you. This way, you can do more on social media in less time, without sacrificing much in terms of authenticity and responsiveness.

These tasks and parameters for social media automation are what you configure in any social media automation tool. For instance, scheduling a post to publish at a later time on a 3rd party application is one such example of social media automation that most of us are familiar with and probably utilizing. Other tools let you respond to questions or messages from your audience without logging into the social media accounts themselves, saving time.

How Do I Automate My Social Media?

First, you need to have a process in order to automate. In other words, the starting point for automation is always having a social media strategy and a way to execute it effectively. Many businesses and marketers make the mistake of allowing the
tool to define the process, but the idea about leveraging automation is to simply save time and perhaps execute without error the tasks that you normally do.

Without this safeguard, there’s a significant risk that automating the process will result in your staff simply herding cats. Or working at cross-purposes without intending to do so. Each of these possibilities is suboptimal and can cause significant damage to your social media presence. At best, the lack of a process will reduce the effectiveness of your efforts.

What Can Social Media Automation Tools Actually Automate? Here are 10 Things for Starters!

If you do a search for social media automation tools, you will find a lot of information about (and promotion from) various social media tools, but what can you actually automate? In short, just about everything besides forming and altering your strategy, and responding to customer input. Let’s break this down further.

1. View and Engage with Multiple Social Media Feeds and Notifications in One Dashboard

This is a core functionality of social media automation tools that consolidates all of your feeds, notifications, and messages into one dashboard and allows you to engage with them. While Hootsuite was the first tool to introduce the concept of combining multiple social networks into a singular feed, SԾcial-Dashboard integrates all of your social media notifications into a unified Social Inbox. And the thing is, marketers love this type of feature because it is incredibly efficient and easy
to use. Ideally,
SԾcial-Dashboard will integrate well with other marketing software.

2. Create Content

SԾcial-Dashboard allow you to upload content from other sources like Dropbox or Box.com to use in content creation.
This especially comes in handy when your company has a content creation team that’s remote or purchases content elements through outside sources.

3. Publish Content Across Multiple Platforms

Publishing content in more than one place is the core functionality that most social media dashboards have. This is especially useful when you want to use the same basic content across platforms, such as a photo on both Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, multi-platform publishing is handy when you wish to promote a piece of content on one platform across the others, like a LinkedIn blog post shared on Twitter.

4. Schedule Posts to Publish Later

SԾcial-Dashboard, in particular, let you schedule posts for later. This way, your marketing team can schedule a week or more worth of content in advance. Once that’s done, staff only need to monitor any interaction with the content and intervene when a planned post becomes inappropriate.

5. Republish Content

Some social networks do not encourage this, but where possible, SԾcial-Dashboard allow you to easily or automatically republish the same content to get the biggest impact on your content. You can also change the post a bit to conform with platform rules. For example, SԾcial-Dashboard makes the posting of evergreen content easier than ever. We’ll talk about this tool later on.

6. Curate Content to Publish

SԾcial-Dashboard, feature curated content inside their dashboard that you can easily schedule to publish. This is usually an easy click and drag or select and create a format for ease of use. Ass well include features, like RSS integration, which allow you to automatically curate content to publish. Here, you’ll have to import the content into your program.

Want an example of collaboration between marketing tools? BuzzSumo allows you to find curate content and export a CSV file which some dashboards will allow you to upload to publish. This way, the social media automation tools will take the tedious workout of selecting content. SԾcial-Dashboard built-in content discovery & suggestion tool fulfils all your content needs at no extra cost.


7. Compile Social Media Analytics

SԾcial-Dashboard provides you with various social media analytics in a convenient way. The numbers provide you instant insights that you might have missed or would have taken a much longer time to calculate. From there, you can more quickly pivot your content strategy to maximize impact.


8. Automated Social Media Marketing Report Generation

 SԾcial-Dashboard´s  platform will take your analytics and generate a full-fledged monthly report that you can use for your clients (if you are an agency) or with your boss (if you are corporate). With automatic report generation, you take a lot of the guesswork out of deciding when to update stakeholders. And, it shortens prep time for meetings.

9. Automated Responses

This usually comes in the form of saved replies, allowing you to semi-automate your engagement. While they aren’t as personal as responses that are generated in life, they do help make your workday easier and save time.

Obviously, there are additional tools not mentioned here that integrate with Facebook Messenger or allow you to build your own chatbot and have more fully automated conversations with your customers. But this goes a little beyond the scope of this post.

Anyway, access conversations across all of your Facebook Pages at one place with SԾcial-Dashboard is possible through his Social Inbox.

  • Comments made on Facebook Page posts
  • Messages sent to Facebook Pages
  • Posts made on Facebook Pages

Filter the list further to see posts, comments, or conversations separately, Call Out Your Teammates, Go Visual With Pictures And GIFs, Focus on Conversations That Matter and ace Customer Success with Fast Reply.


Be More Productive, Be “The” Social Media


10. Social Media Ads Automation

Some platforms here can help you automatically boost content published to Facebook. Posts are often selected based on algorithms or pre-set criteria from your social media strategy, illustrating why having a set process is so important.

With SԾcial-Dashboard you can access and Generate high-quality leads with Facebook lead ads publishing capability integrated in the dashboard (No need for your clients credentials).

As well publish Facebook Posts and boost them seamlessly from one place. Also supports scheduling boost posts in advance.


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